Testing things out.

As you may have noticed, I’m playing around with the site’s look a little bit. What I really wanted to do was create my own theme for the blog, but apparently I can do that and preview my changes, but in order for the changes to take effect, I’d need to shell out some money. Which I really don’t have any to spare right now. So, for now I just have to go with ready-made themes.

I’ll probably be changing it around for a little while yet, until I settle on one I like best.

2 thoughts on “Testing things out.

  1. if you know enough to conceivably create your own theme (way outside my realm of expertise), you have probably already realized this, but just in case you haven’t: some of the free themes have customizable headers, which allow you to place whatever image you like in the space provided. so there’s a little bit of individualism, if not the full-on creativity one might prefer. :) that’s how I ended up getting venus on my page. (I’m broke and frugal; I wouldn’t shell out the cash either.)

    happy choosing!


  2. Yeah, I’ve considered that, but there’s something that annoys me about all the custom header themes… I might just end up spending the money to make my own anyway. I’m still thinking about it, though.


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