An Ace Moment

Watching the most recent episode of Project Runway, discovering the incredibly hot Apolo Ohno (why don’t I ever watch the Olympics!?!?), googling him, and then, upon finding a picture of him with his shirt off, thinking, “Okay, honey, you can put it back on now.”

As if I needed any more proof that I’m asexual! *lol*

As a sidenote… why am I only ever attracted to asian men? And why are they always more attractive on video than in pictures?

(P.S. See, I am capable of making short posts!)

3 thoughts on “An Ace Moment

  1. Apolo needs a very lean upper body and a very musclular lower body for his sport. The leaner you are up top, the more power your legs can focus into the ice and not on whipping the extra weight around the rink. His sport is all about being light, yet powerful and fast… hence he is supposed to have a thin chest, arm, shoulder, waist area. This is why he is an Olympic GOLD medalist! He is off training hard and earning the respect of the world through his athletics and you are commenting on how hot he is or is not. Can you say SHALLOW and insignificant?


  2. Yes, sweetheart, I’m aware of all that. The shallowness is actually the entire point of the post, since a lot of times sexual people will assume that we are never shallow at all. And actually, I quite prefer leaner men, so that’s not the issue at all. I’m not insulting him; I just prefer ALL GUYS to wear their clothes.


  3. As usual, curiosity got the best of me… and somehow, through an innocent (I swear!) google image search, I found a naked photo of Ohno.
    Oh no indeed… :-P

    Yeah, there’s nothing like glancing at a nude photo to affirm one’s asexuality…!


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