I’m still around, I promise!

So I realize I haven’t updated in quite a while. I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the internet again lately due to having to take care of my schoolwork, my girlfriend, and most recently, a friend’s cat. My own cat sadly had to be put down in a stunning display of I Hate My Family, too (long story short, they didn’t pay enough attention to her to realize she needed serious medical attention until it was too late), so my mind has been pretty far from asexuality lately.

Thanks everyone for your responses to my last post. I find it interesting to see the range of responses, with the consensus being uncertainty in how to categorize such a person. My own view is that self-identification is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a label for one’s sexuality–HOWEVER, this self-identification must be a result of clear-headed, honest introspection, rather than a desire to delude oneself. In this particular case, though, that identification can be difficult due to uncertainty about the meaning of “asexual” as applied to humans–do we interpret the definition given on AVEN (lack of sexual attraction) in a strict, narrow sense (with this lack of sexual attraction being the sole indicator of asexuality), or do we look for other cues in addition to that? Ultimately, I take a non-prescriptive view and place this decision on the individual in question, so that they can find a label that is comfortable for them. There are a fair few other asexuals who I venture would do the same (indeed, there is pressure from the community to let people decide for themselves their status as asexual or not), but not all of them. Still, I wonder what difference it makes, beyond vague annoyance about internet flame wars, what other people think. There aren’t really any drastic consequences associated with someone saying “you’re not asexual enough,” except perhaps for people with very thin skins.

I won’t go on, since I’ve got homework to get back to, but you all can expect another post soon. Perhaps not too soon, since this is my last week of classes and it’s crunch time, but soon enough!

2 thoughts on “I’m still around, I promise!

  1. I agree. Self-identification does require a level of honesty and introspection, but it’s by far the best way to decide where you stand.
    I can sympathize, to some degree, with your lack of frequency in posting. Finding an SO tends to soak up a lot of free time, along with school and other stuff… but I hope you post again soon!


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