I don’t have a gender! According to Stupid.

Breaking my short hiatus to report that, according to some friends of an acquaintance, I’m not asexual, I’m bisexual. Because if I were asexual, I wouldn’t have a gender.

Right… What? I don’t even actually know how those two things are supposed to be related, because even if they were mistaking sex for gender, how would that make me bisexual? What, am I automatically bisexual now just because my girlfriend is MTF? Nevermind that asexuality has nothing to do with gender, and that there actually already is a word for people with no gender identification (a few of them, in fact).

I should start keeping track of these stupid assumptions, then go back over them after a year or so and give out awards for the most idiotic.

4 thoughts on “I don’t have a gender! According to Stupid.

  1. It’s amazing what people manage to come up with, isn’t it? It sounds like they’re confusing asexual people with amoebas or something.


  2. Cool. good luck with mtf prejudice as well as ftm prejudice. People suspect me being ftm just because I act like such a guy. Bugs me, I don’t feel like anything and only often swap gender perceptions on a whim. I do like being a guy who thinks like a girl… Wuh, complex.


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