Survey: Gender Variation in the Asexual Commuity

So, according to several informal polls that we’ve had going on around here, there is a significant higher percentage of people who are transgendered or gender-neutral in the asexual community, compared to the rest of the population.

However, there haven’t been any more detailed investigations, academic or otherwise (at least to my knowledge), so I decided to try to satisfy my own curiosity. I created my own 20 question survey about sex, gender, and gender ideology just to see what kind of responses I would get. This is by no means an academic survey, and it certainly isn’t exhaustive, but perhaps it will reveal some interesting information.

Before I link you to the survey, a couple of notes: 1) Sexual people, you can answer too! But, please only answer if you feel you are a part of the asexual community. 2) If you use Firefox 2, you may want to try doing this in a different browser, because the site I used sometimes has trouble loading. Initially, I thought this was a problem with just Firefox, but they seem to have corrected it in later versions.

So, go forth! And feel free to link this around on other asexy sites, too!

Take the survey!

Results have been posted! Click here to see!

2 thoughts on “Survey: Gender Variation in the Asexual Commuity

  1. I’m using Firefox and the survey seems to have worked for me.

    (Now I’m all “how could I not have thought of actually making this comment in the box at the end of the survey?” xD)


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