Second Blogiversary Stats

Another year has come around again, and because I think it’s fun to see what people are most interested in, and because a year from now I want to be able to go back and look at these to compare, I’m going to post some stats! These are just copied/pasted (and then formatted) from the wordpress stats lists, so they don’t include any syndicated views. (I’m not sure why wordpress does it like that, but apparently only on-site views count?)

Top ten posts this year:

  1. Doing Sex: Tips for the Adventurous Asexual – 847 views this year; 1441 views all time
  2. On “Creepy Asexual Guys,” Porn, and Misogyny – 715 views this year; 1096 views all time
  3. How to Seduce an Asexual – 581 views
  4. Dating Site Review: OKCupid – 469 views this year; 795 views all time
  5. The Primary Function of Marriage? – 459 views
  6. Asexual Masturbation – 430 views this year; 737 views all time
  7. Asexuality vs. Rape Culture – 397 views
  8. Positive Metaphors: Chandelier Culture – 344 views this year; 557 views all time
  9. Policing the Definition: Is There a Gold Standard? – 331 views (also the post with the most comments)
  10. Wanting It (Indifferently) – 285 views

At least a good half of these get their traffic mostly from google search terms that don’t necessarily have much to do with asexuality. Like “function of marriage” and its variants is one that fetches at least 3-4 page views a day on most days, which I’m pretty sure is mostly from people taking sociology courses, so in a way I’m unintentionally promoting asexual visibility to people that probably have no idea that asexuality exists. However there are some, like the How to Seduce an Asexual post, that made the list primarily because they were widely forwarded/tweeted/linked within the asexual community. It seems like a pretty even mix overall.

An honorable mention: Being Spontaneous in Bed – This didn’t make the list of most page views, but amusingly enough, it’s somehow made its way to Google’s top results for any variation of the post’s title. That means that there’s a ton of people out there who are super concerned about not being spontaneous enough in bed, and I’m basically telling them that you can’t really be spontaneous, you can just sort of pretend to be. I always meant to go back and make a follow-up post with a link to this excellent dissection of sexual reality and how we dismiss it that Pretzelboy posted on Apositive a while back, but never really got around to it, so I’m posting it now. It’s long, but well worth reading if you have the time.

Anyway, so search terms. I guess I’ll list the top 20 instead of top 10 for this, because there are so many variations that are basically the same thing, so it gets diluted enough not to give you a really good picture.

Top 20 search terms for this year:

  1. asexual porn – 73
  2. okcupid review 2009 – 67
  3. okcupid review – 63
  4. how to be more spontaneous in bed -59
  5. wrought iron chandelier – 53
  6. functions of marriage – 51
  7. function of marriage – 43
  8. doing sex – 42
  9. iron chandelier – 30
  10. infantilization – 30
  11. how to be spontaneous in bed – 23
  12. vaginal corona – 20
  13. asexual masturbate – 18
  14. guysporn – 17
  15. gray asexual – 16
  16. shades of gray blog – 15
  17. positive metaphors – 14
  18. funky chandeliers – 12
  19. dexter asexual – 12
  20. demisexual – 11

An honorable mention includes the ten people (or persons who searched multiple times) who wanted to know if asexuals like dancing (some do, and some don’t, just like the rest of the population!). But I have awards for the REALLY weird and funny ones:

Weirdest search term of the year: definir there.there is.there isn´ there.there are.there aren´t are there.

Most enigmatic search term of the year: find people box dating site to me come

Scariest search term of the year: how to playfully rape your wife
I am going to hope that this person is from another country and doesn’t speak English that well, and actually meant this in the sense of a BDSM fantasy roleplaying scenario, because the other option is horrible.

Search terms which inspire the most annoyance about the wordpress character limit: what are the consequences of examining a
the majority of women, happily for them,
Examining a what????? What about the majority of women????? I want to know! :(

Most hilarious search term of the year: genital warts from eating pizza
Wow. Just wow.

And finally, some overall stats:

Most popular month: April 2010 – 2,615 views, averaging 87 views per day
Total views: 32,141