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So I’ve been bad, guys. I haven’t updated my links list in roughly FOREVER. Back when this blog started, there were only a handful of asexuality-related blogs out there, and now it’s to the point where I can’t keep track. New ones are cropping up all the time, which is quite exciting! I’m starting to go through the process of updating this list, but it’s quite tedious and it’s become difficult enough to find good (relatively) new asexuality-related blogs that I’m going to ask for help.

So, do you run an asexuality-related blog? Do you know of a good one that’s not on my list yet? If so, please link them in the comments! I want to keep it to blogs that are about asexuality for the most part, not just personal blogs where the authors write about asexuality once or twice. It doesn’t need to be strictly about asexuality, however. I also try to post links to other blogs I read in the non-asexual section, but it’s hard to keep track of those, too. When it comes to asexual bloggers who only write about other things, I’m totally unsure how I should categorize them, so I’ll throw that question out to the readers: What do you think? Should they go in the Asexy Blogs section or not?

I haven’t decided what I’ll do about blogs/sites that haven’t updated in more than a year or so. I may go through my list and prune them. I’ll probably leave the dead ones that have a lot of posts that are really good, but prune the dead ones that have a small amount of posts. If you see any links that don’t work anymore, please let me know here, too!

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    • Huh, I thought your blog was still on the list. I must’ve accidentally deleted it at some point, or something like that… anyway, it’s back up now! :)


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