Note: I’ve added a FAQ page to collect the questions that get asked frequently around here/about asexuality in one place. It’s far from complete. I intend to eventually add some trans 101 and feminism 101 questions to it as well. Are there any questions you can think of that should go on the FAQ? I’m sure I won’t think of everything, so if you think of something, do leave it in the comments.

All search terms appear exactly as they were typed into Google/Formspring, so I take no credit for any spelling or grammar errors.

Standard Definitional Disclaimer: Asexuality refers here to a sexual orientation among humans.  It does not have anything to do with biology, whether that means the biology of non-human asexually reproducing species, or humans with non-standard anatomy (if you’re looking for that, google intersex conditions instead). Asexuality means not experiencing sexual attraction; it does not mean or imply that we are “not sexual” in any way at all. The term is analogous to homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, etc. For a more detailed explanation on this, please check my FAQ page. Asexuals are a widely varied group that may have little else in common with one another aside from not experiencing sexual attraction to others as a general rule. I can only answer for myself. My answers may include sarcasm.

On to the questions!

Q: how to arouse an asexual (from Google)
A: It’s a lot like arousing a non-asexual. In fact, it’s exactly like arousing a non-asexual, except for the parts where you rely on their sexual attraction to you to do the work for you.

Q: why do i want to seduce people but care not for them (from Google)
A: A better question: Why are you looking for the answer to that on google? Shouldn’t you be asking yourself?

Q: is it ok to not want to have sex with your girlfriend from time to time? (from Google)
A: Of course it is. Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s not. Everybody goes through times where they don’t want to have sex. Yes, even men. It’s normal.

Q: why do people fucking ask me what things are when google is a thing? (from Google)
A: Because people are lazy. Or because they want to hear it from you specifically. But mostly they’re just lazy. Now, why did this exact search term refer to my blog 48 times one day and 4 times the next? And then a couple of times a day after that?

Q: is asexuality a permanet condition (from Google)
A: It’s as permanent as heterosexuality is.

Q: can i go to plan parent hood if i’m 17 (from Google)
A: Yes.

Q: is there really such a thing as a nipplegasm (from Google)
A: Yes. I hear it’s even possible for some men. ETA: This fMRI study “found a direct link between the nipples and the genitals, which may explain why some women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.”


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