App and blog recommendations, please!

All right, so I still have a lot of stuff to set up around here. I’m working on getting widgets set up, and then I’m going to be creating a content use and comment policy, as well as reworking some of my older pages. I’ve set up a new twitter account to go with the blog, you can follow it @prismatangle. There is nothing there yet, other than that you can see my newly chosen full pseudonym. I’ll be going by Elizabeth Leuw instead of just Elizabeth from now on.

You’ll notice my blogroll has been missing from the sidebar since I changed the layout, and that’s because it really, REALLY needs updating. A lot of the old blogs I used to list have since moved, and there are a bunch of new ones that I haven’t even discovered yet, or maybe read a link from one time and then kind of forgot where they were.

My biggest issue? I’m trying to read on my iPad, and not at the computer, but the app I’m using freezes when I try to add any new blogs to it. It’s incredibly frustrating. Plus it only displays a certain number of posts, and any posts older than that it just won’t display, period. So there’s a lot of stuff I’ve missed and continue to miss if there’s more activity than the app can display.

The one I’m using right now is Feedly, just because I had already migrated my old Google Reader blog list onto it when Google Reader stopped being supported. It works sort of okay, for the older blogs that have kept going since then. But other than that, not really. I’d really like one that I can add new blogs to without having to go on the computer every time I want to follow something new.

So, what iPad-compatible blog readers do you all use? And also, how is the native WordPress blog reader? I haven’t used it before, is it worth using?

And, are there any blogs I should check out and add to my list? Feel free to self-promote, especially if your blog is fairly new!

I’ll also open this thread to any more general app recommendations. If you have an iPad, what are your favorite apps?

4 thoughts on “App and blog recommendations, please!

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been on your blogroll or not, but I would like to be. I haven’t been doing much blogging lately because I’ve been busy graduating/currently travelling, but I’m still planning on continuing. It’s nice to see you around again, too!


    • You know, I honestly can’t remember either. I know you did make it into my Reader before it all got folded into Feedly, but I’m certainly not the best at remembering to update my blog links. So thanks for commenting, it’s very nice to get a reminder about it. :)


  2. I read on an iPad as well, and use Newsify. It uses a Feedly account, but the interface is a bit better, IMO. I haven’t had problems with it crashing when I add new blogs, but it does occasionally crash in the middle of reading. This might have more to do with my iPad being on its last legs. Hope this helps.


    • Thanks! :) I’m checking it out now, and so far it does seem to be much better, both in interface and in being less likely to crash. Even if it does start crashing in the middle of reading sometimes, the Feedly app kept doing that to me too, so it seems an overall improvement.


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