Quick RFAS update on technical issues

Yesterday the RFAS email server apparently got messed up after an automated system recovery reboot. Users were unable to log in through web clients. There was also a Cloudflare DNS error that made two of the three clients not even load. Both of those issues should be fixed now. I posted more details about what was going on on the forum.

Another issue that’s going on is our server’s spam filter—I noticed several legit emails were going to my spam folder, mostly invite request forms. So if you never received an invite code, please check in with us or send a new invite request. I sent out invites for the requests that I found languishing in the spam folder this morning, so if you requested one a while ago, you may have one in your inbox now. Sorry for the delay!

If you’re on our team, I’d like you to try logging in to a web mail client, and check your spam folder. If you find anything legit in there, help us train the filter (instructions are in the same thread).

Our forum also has some minor technical glitches that need to be addressed still, but most of them will likely be addressed in the next major software release, so I’m waiting for that. However, I thought I’d put it out there that we’re looking for someone who can make plugins and/or a custom theme for us. You’d need to be familiar with php, javascript, MVC frameworks, and CSS.

So expect more changes ahead, and a bit of a bumpy road as we grapple with technical problems—hopefully not too bumpy! Thank you all for your patience.

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