Question for Spanish-speaking aces

Because I know several of you read my blog, and I’m doing asexuality 101 work in an area heavily dominated by Spanish-speakers…

Is there a word for “queerplatonic” in Spanish? Or an equivalent/similar concept?

I got asked that question yesterday, by someone who heard the concept and really identified with it immediately.

It would be really really helpful if someone could point me to some good, ideally not-problematic Spanish ace/aro 101 stuff that I could pass on to people. My Spanish-speaking skills are pretty rudimentary, and nowhere near good enough for me to be able to vet these to make sure that they aren’t saying anything that might feel stigmatizing for ace survivors, or things like that. So I’d really appreciate it!

And hey, if anyone is up for translating some stuff? That would be super awesome, please get in touch!

9 thoughts on “Question for Spanish-speaking aces

  1. Have you already seen AVENes (the spanish language AVEN offshoot)?

    They’re the main spanish-language ace community that I know of, and they’re pretty active. I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t speak for the quality, but they are the main place or spanish-speaking aces to find other spanish-speaking aces.


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