2015 isn’t done with me yet, I guess

I’m going to be pretty scarce for a little while, here—I’m sure some of you have noticed me going quiet/mostly offline already. I had a bunch of plans/projects I wanted to work on, but right now I’m too sick to manage much beyond sitting around staring blankly at nothing. This courtesy of a gigantic family gathering I didn’t even attend, of course—a gift from C’s family that she brought home to me, after I got back from going to see my own family.

December was kind of just a bunch of crap piling up on me all at once—multiple family visits, drama, fights, symptom flare-ups, oddly extreme (but comparatively mild considering) weather that was still enough to do some property damage, and ended up messing up travel plans. And now a bad cold. I’ve never been drunk enough to have a hangover, but that seems like a good enough metaphor. Can’t really get into the swing of the new year because I’m still busy recovering from the last one. It’s been one thing after another nonstop.

Frustrating, but oh well. Not much I can do but rest. I’ll be back at some point in the next couple of weeks, I expect.

In the meantime, I’d like you all to know that the combined force of so many aces recommending it has finally gotten me into Steven Universe, which is just the perfect blend of sweet and gay to get me through this. Thank you, ace community!

8 thoughts on “2015 isn’t done with me yet, I guess

  1. I am right there with you this holiday season, and mine wasn’t even as rough as I think yours must be. (Family drama, yeah, but relatively little of it, plus the weather stuff was mostly replaced with “very cognitive energy consuming but well paid side job.”) Solidarity and I am so glad that Steven Universe is giving you some good energy to get through this–I ought to give it a shot, too.

    (I bought Hatoful Boyfriend, though, and the moment I have some spare brain I plan to console myself with some sweet sweet surreal pigeon dating sim. You should also totally check that one out. Ask Queenie.)


  2. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather (haha…it’s a pun…sorry), but I hope you bounce back soon! I have also been retreating to a cocoon of blankets recently, although fatigue + overwork + PTSD is pretty much to blame. Also, yay, I’m glad you are joining us in Steven Universe land!

    (I keep thinking that we should really have someone on the RFAS team with more consistent spoons but then I’m like, “…we’re all survivors…who even has spoons consistently…?”)


    • Yeah, I’ve also been thinking the exact same thing. I know that things will get done eventually, but it will nearly always take way more time than expected, with everyone on the team dealing with such an unpredictable beast as PTSD.

      Good news is that I’m pretty much over the sickness, and I won’t be getting an infection from it since I’m already on antibiotics… bad news is that the reason for the antibiotics is that one of my hands is now injured to the point of being unusable until it heals. So, I guess I’m going to be limited to phone posts for a week or two? Which is annoying, because for privacy reasons none of my RFAS accounts are set up for mobile. Sigh. I did manage to get updates done this morning though at least.

      Sorry to hear about your fatigue :( I know how rough that is combined with PTSD sleep issues. I hope everything gets sorted out asap so that you can get a diagnosis etc! The difference the right meds can make is really incredible. Hang in there!


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