Updates & assorted thoughts

I’m finally spending some time updating this blog, including:

  • Changing the look. It now better reflects my original inspiration for the blog’s name (a glistening dew-covered spider web of metaphorical condensed thoughts) while being better for arachnophobes. The focus should be more on beauty than scary. Also the fonts are improved.
  • Updating the contact page and about. Still working on updating other pages/policies.
  • Updating links list, which BADLY needed it. Trying to categorize was giving me problems, so I’ve reduced it to two categories. I’ve removed a lot of links to places that were no longer updating, and where possible, consolidated into network links.
  • It’s possible I may have deleted some links accidentally due to the recategorizing. There are also links I haven’t added yet.

Some other (completely disorganized) things on my mind lately:

  • This time of year sucks and I’m trying to keep busy not thinking about it. I’m doing better than previous years, but not as much as I probably seem.
  • I understand Ostara, but I will never get Easter. Whatever, though. I appreciate that the “in-laws” are not the type to dwell on the morbid part, and it’s fun to hide eggs in bizarre places.
  • Goddamn, kids are LOUD. Cute and funny, but LOUD.
  • Consequently, I’m socially drained.
  • It’s been a year since I first started setting up the RFAS website! I’m proud of the whole team, and glad this exists now. <3 I know we will continue to grow, but it’s also good that we’re taking some time for ourselves for now.
  • Also, we have a Spanish translation of the info sheet for health professionals in the works! Look forward to it! (We could use feedback from native speakers to refine it, and help with writing/organizing some stuff to support it, so if you’re interested in that, contact us.)
  • My ability to focus on any kind of writing right now is completely shot. I have a backlog of like 2325 ideas though. Most of them are garbage poop.
  • I have to keep reminding myself that not working on things I don’t have the energy for is okay.
  • I am also very tired of taking crap from other people, especially when they expect me to take care of them or take care of others for them. It’s happening way too much lately.
  • Disability catch-22. And forced disclosure.
  • I like that my new tagline says “condensed thoughts” like I could ever manage that. The sad part is, yes, everything that appears here IS heavily condensed.

4 thoughts on “Updates & assorted thoughts

  1. I love the new theme. I’m not an arachnophobe (I actually quite like spiders), but I think the new header image fits much better with the title of your blog. And it’s very pretty!


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