5 thoughts on “Components of Resilience: Support Network & Discernment

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  3. I’ve loved this series you’ve been writing so much. I feel like I’ve learned a lot or at least been shown a new light at which to look at a lot of things.

    Really poignant from this piece was: “When somebody tells you that asexuality is not real, when they tell you that you can’t be who you are, they’re trying to erase your identity and install their own version of reality inside your head instead. That’s gaslighting. I don’t believe there are any aces out there who haven’t experienced it, one way or another. It saturates our culture. … If you have enough support to have resisted the attempt, you may not realize how destructive gaslighting can be.”

    – I didn’t ever think of any of that under the term “gaslighting” before either, but wow, you’re… you’re so right. And it puts a few experiences of mine into a different perspective, about how it felt internally for me and also why it felt the way it did.

    Thank you.


    • I’m so glad this series helped you! :) I considered quoting some of your posts on gaslighting for that section, btw, but I ended up just not being able to figure out where to fit that in. I feel like gaslighting really deserves its own post/linkspam, honestly.

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