Nuance & Complexity: May 2018 Carnival of Aces Round-Up

Well, it’s now June 1st, which means that it’s time to wrap up this round of the Carnival of Aces and start another one!

The topic I chose for this month was Nuance & Complexity, a very broad topic which had a lot of good responses on a wide range of subjects. Thank you to everyone who submitted, you’ve all made this a very interesting month!

Without further ado, here are the submissions:

  • Lijavi Toledo Loaiza wrote about sensual attraction, aesthetic attraction, and sex repulsion and how these things play into each other in a way that makes it difficult to find a place in the ace community in Sensual vs Sexual.



  • Lib wrote about how identifying as asexual, aromantic, and agender feels like having iconic holes in “Filling in the Blanks“. There’s also good stuff in there about what it means to be a good ally, and considering the “best friend” role as another hole that doesn’t need to be filled.




  • Varian wrote about being being on the “outside edge” of the queer community, the pagan/polytheist community, and the godspouse community in My Spiritual Path.


  • Perfect Number wrote about getting out of Christian purity culture and having conflicted thoughts/feelings about sex in Confusing and Weird.



  • Patience wrote a guest post about being multilingual and lacking natural, native-language words to talk about asexuality in From a non-English ace.






…and that’s all, folks!

Remember, if you have a late submission, you can still be included! Just drop a link to your submission in the comments below, and I’ll edit this post to add it in. I’ll be accepting late submissions until the end of June.

The next round of the Carnival of Aces will be hosted at Dating While Ace, and the topic is about what it’s like being demisexual or gray-asexual.

If you’d like to volunteer to host a round, please check out the Carnival of Aces masterpost. As of the last time I checked, future spots for July and later are still open.

4 thoughts on “Nuance & Complexity: May 2018 Carnival of Aces Round-Up

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  3. Please don’t get mad. I wanted to comment on a different article of yours but it says the comments are closed for it. This is a response to your 2012 article How To Have Sex With An Asexual Person. I wanted to say thank you. I am asexual and have been with my sexual husband for 3 years. I only recently realized my identity as an asexual. Before I thought I was some sort of aversion to sex freak. Then once I found the word I avoided the subject with my husband cause I thought he wouldn’t be willing to understand. Then when we did talk about it I tried researching how to increase my desire for sex and came across your article. We looked over it together and noticed a lot of points on how to approach the subject and how he can reassure me that’s not the only value in our marriage and he immediately changed to try out your tips. I found with that change I felt my trust level instantly go up and my walls come down a bit. Most of the time I was turned off because of the pressure like it wasn’t my choice. Just the change of approach took the pressure off. I feel more confident and he seems to feel less like I don’t want him or trust him and more like we can communicate and be close. So thank you. I bookmarked the article so we can refer back to it if we need to. I read other articles but none of them really helped like that one did.


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