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This is a personal blog. While you are welcome to voice your opinions, I am not obligated to publish them here, and I will delete comments that violate my commenting policy. This is in no way a violation of your free speech, because this is a privately owned space. You are of course always free to state your opinions elsewhere.

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  1. No harassment, hate speech, bigotry, or intolerance of any kind. This includes intentionally spreading false information for the purpose of fomenting hate.
  2. No victim-blaming, oppression olympics, or ranking different forms of victimization. Never use someone else’s experience as a rhetorical tool to help you make a political argument.
  3. Do not offer unsolicited advice. Do not tell other people how they are feeling. Do not play armchair psychologist.
  4. Do not reveal another person’s identity or share confidential information. Do not out people. Exercise care when linking to other people’s personal blogs.
  5. Do not pose as anyone else. No sock-puppeting.
  6. No compulsory sexuality. Do not imply that having sex is a goal that everyone should strive for. Do not suggest that anyone ever owes another person sex, in any situation.
  7. No asexual elitism, and no sex-shaming. That means no suggesting that ace people are somehow “better than” non-asexuals, and also don’t say that sex is dirty, shameful, etc. You can say that you FEEL that way, but not that it IS that way.
  8. This is not a 101-level blog. Do your own research about the topic at hand before posting. It is not my job to educate you.
  9. Do not ask me for relationship advice. Giving relationship advice is a form of emotional labor that I am not willing to engage in with strangers on the internet, and there are many other places you can go for that anyway.

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