Content Use Guide

What is acceptable to re-post or re-blog?

  • You may post a quote with a link to the blog post or other article in question.
  • Try to keep quote length to a maximum of ~100 words, unless an increased length is warranted to include necessary context.
  • Multiple quotes are fine and probably better than very long quotes, in most circumstances. However, please try to keep the length of the original post in mind, and don’t just re-post nearly the whole thing.
  • Posting a link to your own personal blog is always okay. Posting a link in a comment thread on someone else’s blog or a discussion forum is also okay, as long as you’re not doing it just to stir up trolls.


What is NOT acceptable to re-post:

  • Entire posts should never be re-blogged, even with credit given, unless perhaps they are very short posts. If you want to re-post an entire article, you must ask permission to host it as a guest post. In some circumstances I may agree.
  • Do not use my work in any scholarly publications without first getting permission to do so. Especially do not use any statistics or qualitative data I have gathered for my own personal use, as they are not scientific and have been collected with a confidentiality agreement only to inform my own writing. I understand that blog posts are public discourse and can sometimes legitimately be used as source material for analysis, but I also want to make sure that I am not being misrepresented, since many posts here are years old and don’t accurately reflect my current thoughts or experiences. And obviously, it goes without saying that plagiarism is not acceptable.
  • Do not use old blog posts or interviews with me in any new magazine or journalistic articles about asexuality, because this blog has been around for several years and my identification (as gray-area asexual) and opinions have changed since I first started blogging. My old thoughts do not reflect my current thoughts, and posting them as if they are current is misrepresentation. The only exception is when linking toHow to Have Sex with an Asexual Person,” because that post was meant to be a guide to Googlers to steer them away from taking a harmful approach to initiating and negotiating potential sexual encounters with asexual people, so it was specifically made to become a sort of lasting official statement. Otherwise, none of my blog posts should be taken as such.
  • Please don’t post links to my blog articles just to stir up trolls. I don’t need the harassment! If it’s for legitimate education and awareness efforts, that’s fine. If possible though, try to at least give me a heads-up if you’re going to be posting a link in a place where there are lots of trolls.


If you post a comment or criticism of my work on your Tumblr…

  • Please consider also posting a comment on the article itself, because I do not have a Tumblr and the site does not send pingbacks. I don’t usually bother to look at referral links from Tumblr because there are way too many. Posting a comment here is probably the only way I’ll actually get to see what you said!
  • I would prefer that you copy/paste or summarize instead of only posting a link to your post, because I’ve had it happen before (usually during a blogging hiatus) that by the time I get the chance to look at the link, the post is already gone. Plus, since Tumblr doesn’t have a comment page, I can’t comment directly back to your comment. If I’m able to reply to a comment you made on-site, it will keep discussions more streamlined.
  • Keep in mind, however, that I do have a comment policy.