Guest Posts

There are times when I don’t post much, either because I’m too busy or because I’m focusing more on writing for myself only than putting conversations out there around here. There are also some things that I don’t blog about because it’s too risky to reveal such personal information. So while I might have ideas for a post, they’re not always things I’m willing to put online at any given time.

So, I’m recruiting guest posters.

Here are some rough guidelines:

  • Try to write as clearly as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any typos or mistakes, but I will edit those out. If you are a non-native English speaker, I can help you with editing, as long as I have an idea of what you were going for. I will try to keep the editing to a minimum, however, so if it’s very convoluted, I may tell you to rewrite the post and then resubmit it.
  • Please provide a short bio with your name/alias and a little bit of info about you.
  • If you have your own blog and want me to link to it, please include that as well. I’m not barring those who already have blogs, since I think that guest posts could be a very good way to integrate discussion of asexuality into other discussions and air views that aren’t as well-known in the asexual community. However, if  the main topic of your blog is asexuality and you’re pretty well-known around here already, then you should probably just write in your own blog.
  • I want to keep the topic open-ended, but at least somewhat related to asexuality. This could be whatever you want, basically, as long as it’s not rehashing something most of us have heard many times before. I want to privilege perspectives that don’t typically get much air time in the asexual community. Obviously, as per the name of the blog, areas of blur and overlap with sexuality are plenty welcome, and it seems to me (based on my stats) that a point of particular interest is how to manage sex on a practical level, as an asexual person, so any strategies for that would be welcome.
  • If you don’t want to write about asexuality, there are a few other topics that you could write about. Feminism, sex positivity, gender/trans issues, LGBT/QUILTBAG-related issues, how kink can enhance our perspectives, or explanations about what sexual attraction means to you and how you experience it are all topics of interest here.
  • You don’t have to be asexual to write a guest post. If you’re a partner of an asexual, you could write about how you manage that relationship. If you’re an ally, you could write about how you try to be a good ally to asexual people. Or maybe you’re part of a community that tends to get its toes stepped on by asexuals from time to time, or vice versa, and want to educate others about it.
  • No anti-sexual statements of any kind. No asexual elitism. No discriminatory remarks towards any other community. Etc.
  • Heavy topics, like stories about abuse you have suffered, are welcome, but please include trigger warnings at the top of your email. These posts will be placed behind a cut.

Please send finished writing or proposals to grasexuality [at]